2016 Impact Report

What does community activism mean to you?

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Impact is discovery.

It’s what happens when a new idea kicks off a chain reaction in people’s brains.

What changes a mind can lead to action.

That’s how that discovery moves them to make a difference.

We specialize in creating moments of discovery.

Inspiring students to Reach Higher

Michelle Obama’s Reach Higher initiative had the support of teachers, counselors and parents, but low student interest.

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This year, we rattled stuff to wake people up.

Helping hope rise above hate

The Holocaust Museum Houston’s The Butterfly Project was a local education program focused primarily on its own history.

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We agitated assumptions to make people see what’s true.

Engaging voters, no matter who they’re voting for

There was nowhere to learn about voting in Houston or to promote local and national elections, all in one place.

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We started new conversations

Shaking people woke

Lots of people want to help make difference, but they can’t without a clear path to action.

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and created new communities to make people realize what working together can do.

Hub: 1 | Harvey: 0

After Hurricane Harvey, the people of Houston were in dire need of supplies as large organizations struggled to address their basic needs.

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Impact is a moving target and we’re going to keep pushing forward to understand how to change our communities for the better. Doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t. Discovering new ways to inspire people, so they can improve their lives—and the lives of countless others..

What does community activism mean to you?

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